Yamaha Banshee DC conversion kit fits all years Banshee plug and play


Manufactured by South Texas Banshee in the USA!

This setup wiill fit stock banshee harnesses and remove all the headaches from adding all the wiring to go to a DC set up. The DC kit is 100% plaug and play. the Trail Tech voltage regulator mounts in the stock location. The included battery fit under the seat as een in the picture. the advantages of this setup are explained below.

Have us Float Your Stator Ground?

We will email you with shipping address so you can send your stator to us.

Add NEW Floated Stator?

Ground float is required for this kit. Let us handle the work and send you a BRAND NEW stator with the ground already floated for you.

Add Custom Wire Harness?

Complete your DC kit with a brand new high quality American made wire harness!

Customize Your Harness Options Here!

Help us build the correct harness for you.

Add Between Seat & Gas Tank CDI Relocation bracket (Also key option)

Brushed aluminum CDI bracket, includes stainless hardware. mounts between tank and seat using stock tank mounting hardware.

Specify Year of your Banshee

To get you the correct wire connectors, we need the model year of your Banshee.