Yamaha Banshee Wiring Harness (NEW) NO TORS-NO PARK BRAKE 1995-1996 SQUARE PLUG


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This is a NEW custom 95-96 harness. No electrical tape here guys, what was Yamaha thinking!!?? This harness in housed in 3M heat shrink front to back, uses OEM quality connectors and uses a little bit thicker gauged wire than OEM for better conductivity.
Before you spend a few more dollars on a new OEM harness take a good look at it and keep these things in mind.
  1. They will have at least 5 unused connectors on them if you have done a TORS or park brake delete.
  2. The wire is a smaller gauge. 
  3. They are wrapped in thin electrical tape and are more vulnerable to heat and wear.
Why replace your used up harness with another junker?
  This Harness has NO TORS and retains all the other functions including…

     • 95-96 with 3GG-00 CDI

     • Stock length wiring harness


     • NO TORS

     • Fits 3GG-00 CDI box male and female 4 pin plugs gray-black

     • Headlights high beam/low beam

     • OEM kill switch

     • Key/ignition switch

     • Tail light

  • Housed in 3M Heat shrink, offers more protection, yet still flexible.

Specify Year of your Banshee

To get you the correct wire connectors, we need the model year of your Banshee.

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