JJ&A Carrier Style Racing Axles & Components


“JJ and A Racing Products” is the first company ever to build key-driven CNC machined billet aluminum ATV axle assemblies on a production basis. We released the product to the public on February 24th, 2003. A few other companies have since copied the design, but NO other company can copy our experience, our customer service or our machining quality !!

Where a conventional ATV axle uses splines, the “JJ and A Racing Products” axle uses a key drive. Each hub has been split and is clamped on the axle shaft with a set of pinch bolts. This key drive and “pinched” hub is similar to that used on Shifter Carts and Jr. Dragsters. This configuration in an ATV axle has proven itself to be a bullet-proof and maintenance-free design for recreational dune riding, hill shooting and drag racing.

Our 7075-T6 axle shafts are 40mm diameter from end-to-end. Our wheel hubs can be adjusted to set the desired tracking width.

Our 26″ DRAG axle is Gun-Drilled the entire length with a 19mm hole.

Our 30″ HILLSHOOTER axle is Gun-Drilled the entire length with a 19mm hole.

Our 34″ PLAY axle is solid.

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