2017+ Ford Super Duty Milwaukee Dual Packout & Pro Eagle Jack Bed Mounting System (@ Tailgate)


Mount your Milwaukee Packout setup (2 of them, side by side) in the bed of your truck without drilling any holes.

Also option for a single Packout mount.

Designed in-house and manufactured in the USA.

Laser cut 7ga (.170″) steel.

Mounts directly to bed floor using factory bed mount bolts and included spacers. Zero modification required.

Comes with stainless button head bolts to mount your Packout bases to our bracket.

(Or choose to add our welded sheet metal packout bases instead of installing the Milwaukee plastic version!)

Made to order, give us 15 days to fabricate.

Due to the size, it is costly to add powdercoat due to additional handling.

You may want to keep as raw and paint/powder yourself.

Confirm Bed Bolt Spacing (36.75″ is typical for Super Duty) * 

Single or Double Packout Mount? * 

Add integrated DUAL sheet metal packout bases?

Instead of you bolting on your plastic Milwaukee bases, we TIG weld on our CAD designed sheet metal bases so you are good to go! Available on the dual mount option only!*

Select Finish * 

Powdercoat adds significant freight charges due to large size of parts