Milwaukee Packout Fabricated Dolly Triple Wide (Fits a Full-Size + Compact!)


Designed for the JDS 14ga fabricated packout bases.  Option to add them below.

Dimensions with 3″ casters installed: 33.25″ long x 14.35″ wide x 4.5″ tall

1/4″ thick laser cut steel or stainless steel plate!

Packout bases mounts to this with (16 total) M6 stainless button head screws and the casters bolt on underneath with M6 stainless button head screws.

Hardware included. (2) swivel locking casters and (2) rigid casters. 3″ diameter wheels, semi-soft rubber wheels.

Over $90 in the high quality 3″ casters alone.

Assembly required.

Select base material * 

Powdercoat Dolly Base?

Standard = Raw Steel

Add Full Sheet Metal Packout Base?

Add our 14ga (.075″ thick) heavy duty packout base.

Add Compact Sheet Metal Packout Base?

Upgrade from 3″ to 6″ casters?