Wire Harness for “CDI/Voltage Regulator/Coolant bracket” (nose mount)


This harness is custom cut to be used with our CDI/Voltage Regulator/Coolant bottle relocation bracket in the nose region of your frame.

Please see attached pics for how this bracket works and where it is located in the nose of the frame. This is an awesome setup. Keeps all of your components hidden and protected.

Add CDI/V. Reg/Coolant bottle relocation bracket?

Seal the deal by completing your new harness project with this relocation bracket

Add Satin Black Powdercoat to Bracket?

Add Headlight Wires?

WIll include voltage regulator wiring provisions as well

Specify Year of your Banshee

To get you the correct wire connectors, we need the model year of your Banshee.

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