Ski-Doo REV Gen4 Tunnel Shovel Mounting System


Our first new product of 2021!

We were tired of using bungee cords to mount the back country shovel, which is just a needed item when riding off trail.

This kit includes (2) laser cut/formed .120″ thick stainless steel brackets and (2) flat brackets that “sandwich” mount to the lid of your tunnel storage bag. Gripper clips will be pre-installed onto the stainless brackets.

Stainless hardware included.  Simply line up, drill 1/4″ holes, and install.

Shown in pics is the Linq Sr21 storage bag (SKU 860201740) $189.99 you can add as option below

Also using the 4L seat bag (SKU 860201355) $119.99 you can add as option below

The Snow Shovel with Detachable saw is also available as an option below

These brackets with the clips can be mounted anywhere!

Powdercoat brackets satin black?

Add Snow Shovel with Detachable Saw handle?

Add 4L Seat Bag?

Add additional pack of Gripper Clips?

Set of six (two 1-1/2in. – 2in. dia. clips and four 3/4in. – 13/8in. dia. clips)