Ski-Doo REV Gen 3&4 Etec LinQ Milwaukeee Packout Tunnel Mount Kit IN STOCK!


New product released 9/13/21.


Designed and manufactured in the Midwest, USA!

This mount is designed to accept the FULL SIZE Packout as the base layer.  Compact Packout Boxes/coolers can then be stacked on top.

This kit utilizes 4 male LinQ Fastner brackets (SkiDoo pn 715001707) (Available as option below)

Includes 8pcs M6-1.0×12 stainless cap screws to mount the male LinQ Fastener brackets. (they self thread)

Requires (2) pair female receiver kits (LinQ Cargo Base kit) to be installed onto tunnel (SkiDoo pn 860201806) (Available as option Below)

.080″ thick laser cut and CNC formed base allows Milwaukee Packout compatible accessories to be mounted safe and secure!

Works on any Skidoo Rev Gen 3 XM or REV GEN4, 137″ or longer.

Select your choice of raw or powdercoated base material.

*DOES NOT Include the Milwaukee Packout box.

Select Base Material * 

Choose Finish * 

Mount Perpendicular to Tunnel?

Standard design, as shown in most pics, is “parellel” with the tunnel. Some have asked to be able to rotate 90 degrees and set the mount “perpendicular” to the tunnel. This option will include the modified base and (2) adapter brackets to make it happen!

Add Male Linq Fastner Brackets?

Add Female LinQ Cargo Base Kit?

Add Packout to LinQ Adapter?

Allows you to place LinQ Bags, Fuel, Oil, Etc on TOP of your Milwaukee Packout Box. See pic in gallery. 3/16″ laser cut aluminum with plastic cleats & set screw. (Requires pair of LinQ Cargo Bases)