Ford Raptor Gen 1 Pro Eagle Jack + Spare Tire Mounting System (Sliding D-Rings)


New product April 2020!

The complete solution for your Gen 1 Raptor!

Mount your Pro Eagle Jack along with your spare tire (up to 37″) with this hassle free kit.

Installs using existing bed bolts, no other modification needed.

Brand new sliding D-Ring design, with stainless steel channels to sustain years of abuse!

Includes everything shown in picture, you have the option to add the Y-Strap below.

1 Jack mount assy with hardware, 2 sliding and hinged D rings (passenger side)

1 Spare tire mount assy with hardware, 1 sliding and hinged D ring (driver side)

everything laser cut, powdercoated satin black where applicable.

Confirm Jack Cradle Mounting Holes Please! * 

Pro Eagle has had many revisions, please measure your carriage and confirm when ordering.
Cheat sheet:
Older small wheel jack = 14.6″ x 3.99″
Older 2 ton big wheel = 14.44″ x 4.41″
Newer standard or big wheel 2 ton = 4.5″ @ back, 3.75″ @ front and 12.5″ on center.
3 ton = 16.75 x 4.5″
3 ton Kratos = 26 7/8″ x 8″ base (19 1/8″ x 3 1/4″ hole spacing)

Carpeted Bed Liner – Yes or No? * 

So we send the correct hardware for Pro Eagle Mount

Add 2 extra hinged D-rings?

Add PRP 2″ HD Y-Strap? * 

The Y strap will lock your tire in place via (3) Included D-Rings