Chassis – Ergonomic Grab Handle with Wrist Restraint & 3/8 Drive Adapter for 2012+


This new grab handle fits the square insert in the 2012-14 RZR models. Its curved design provides a much more comfortable hand position for the passenger. It features Wrist Restraints, which when used in conjunction with a seat belt, keep hands positioned on or near the grab handle in case of a roll over. The adjustable straps allow these restraints to be used by adults or children. The natural tendency in a roll over situation is to let go of the grab handle and put your hand out to catch the vehicle. When using these restraints, the passenger is reminded to keep their hands firmly planted on the grab handle.

This new grab handle also features a 3/8 inch drive adapter. This allows it to accept any 3/8 inch drive sockets so you don't have to carry a lot of extra tools which can be heavy and bulky. The most common use for it is as a lug wrench. Simply add a proper size socket to your tool kit and you can tighten or loosen your lug nuts with this tool.

This is for all 2012+ RZR with the square shaped handle insert shaft.

Wrist restraints must only be used in conjunction with a seat belt.