Yamaha Banshee LED Light Bar Kit W/ Custom Mounts


Brackets are Laser cut, machined, and TIG welded in the USA.

Mild steel powder-coated matte black

This light bar and bracket combo is designed to replace your stock headlights.

We can even include a jumper harness so that this will plug into your stock headlight plug!

Al this needs is to plug into one of your existing headlight plugs.  The stock stator will work, but light will flicker at idle.  A DC Conversion would be the best choice for this setup.

AC current provided by the stock stator is risky and can blow your lights. We are NOT responsible for the LED light bar.gest running a battery and/or DC Conversion kit. Any LED quality issues with the light will have to be thru the light manufacturer.


In stock

Include jumper to use OEM headlight plug?

Select year of Banshee so we send you the correct plug.

Include NEW DC Converted Stator?

We can provide you with a newly DC converted stator paired with DC Conversion kit for the ultimate turn-key Banshee lightnig solution!

Have us float your stator?

Send us your stator, we will float the ground. Includes return shipping. We will let you know where to send it once you order.

Include DC Conversion Kit?

We provide the bracket, battery, to put this system in line with your factory wire harness… Your stator will now act like an automotive alternator and charge your battery.

Once installed – you can enjoy the benefits of non-flickering lights, and being able to run your lights without the machine running. Requires ground to be floated on stator.